Lucio Amelio

From the exhibition at Madre, a vast monograph dedicated to one of the undisputed main character of the contemporary art scene in Naples.

Still a massive inspiration reference, Lucio Amelio (1931-1994) has been one of the uncontested main character of the contemporary art scene in Naples. Thanks to a boundless experimentation, started with the independent gallery opening in 1965, the “Modern Art Agency”, he contributed to make the city of Naples one of the epicentre – both nationally and internationally – of the art production and the critical reflection.
His intense work – from conceptual to performative practices, from photography to cinema and theatre, from literature to sound – was articulated through public art projects, editorial activity and exhibition organization.

The monography by Electa is published after the exhibition al Madre Lucio Amelio. Dalla Modern Art Agency alla genesi di Terrae Motus (1965-1982). Documenti, opere, una storia… (22nd November 2014 – 6th Avril 2015).

The catalogue, curated by Andrea Viliani, is completed by a rich repertory of photography and documents, found in collaboration with Archivio Amelio-Santamaria of Naples, and by the exhibition installation views.


Timeline of Exhibitions
1965-1982 / 1982-1994

List of Exhibited Works and Documents
List of Illustrations

Articles by and about Lucio Amelio

Tea and Coca-cola, Roses and Lemons…
Letter to Lucio Amelio from a Museum Director
Andrea Viliani

Saying the Sayable. Lucio Amelio 1965-1980
Dialogue between Achille Bonito Oliva and Michele Bonuomo

Lucio Amelio. A Life for Art
Paola Santamaria

The Excavation, a Modest Grey Felt Hat, the Gallery as Epicentre.
Notes for a History of Art in Naples
Angelo Trimarco

The Past in Unpredictable. Lucio Amelio and the Museum:
from the Museo Diego Aragona Pignatelli Cortes to the Museo di Capodimonte and Terrae Motus
Angela Tecce

Not Only Beuys. Institutional Critique, Public Space and Gender Issues in Lucio Amelio’s Activity
Stefano Taccone

Lucio Amelio. Like a Movie
Mario Franco

From Galleria Amelio to Fondazione Amelio: Contemporary Art Institutions
Eduardo Santamaria

Documents, works, a history…





1980 e dintorni

1982 e oltre

“The hearthquake continues, as a creative process, in all of us…”
(Lucio Amelio)