Giuseppe Stellato. Non si tocca

21.05 — 08.06.2009

SPOT has been conceived to put the spotlights on a transversal scenario that is still unknown to the most and to promote a greater osmosis between the museum and the territory.
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Non si tocca, a site-specific installation by Giuseppe Stellato, is the first exhibition of the SPOT series and will be held in the Project Room of the Madre Museum.

SPOT is a project consisting in a series of exhibitions held alternatively with the exhibitions of the Transit project – the first phase of which has just been completed (Naples – Cairo) while the second one will be inaugurated at the Townhouse of Cairo on May 24th – dedicated to young Neapolitan artists at their first exhibition experience. SPOT has been conceived to put the spotlights, for short periods of time, on a transversal scenario that is still unknown to the most, and to promote a greater osmosis between the museum and the territory, in line with the mission of the Project Room, which is increasingly shaping up as an experimental laboratory of ideas, proposals and projectual hypotheses.

Non si tocca (“You can’t touch”) is an installation with an “immersive” and intangible character – as warns the title – in which the sound draws the space and narrates the evolution of an action that repeats itself on and on and progressively “comes to surface” with a cadenced and pressing narrative rhythm that leads to a surprise ending.

The viewer is immersed in an atmosphere of suspension, in which the predominant sound element evokes real, dreamlike suggestions, leaves some freedom to imagination, and creates an empathic, intimate and profound involvement.

Ultimately, Non si tocca is a synesthetic installation which, through a subtle play of references, brings the viewer to reflect on the issues of information and language objectivity in contemporary society.
Moreover, at 8pm, the performance by NellaTestaGomma will be presented in the second courtyard of the Madre. NellaTestaGomma is a group made up by Giuseppe Stellato, Dario Amoroso, Nicola Di Roma, Gabriele Gravagna and Mariano Felisio. They make audio-visual experimentation and have already participated to several National and International festivals (Elettrowave Foligno2009, Live Performer Meeting Rome 2008, Mal au Pixel and West Digital Paris 2009).