Salvatore Vitagliano. Icone


29.10 — 05.12.2011

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Salvatore Vitagliano has the ability to recognize the inexpressible dimension of Oriental culture within his work, the work of a Neapolitan artist. He does not look at it with as something exotic but rather he targets straightforwordly the enigma of that culture. They are undoutably spiritual enigma and he does not look at God but at man, at his face, eye to eye, touching his hands.
In my opinion, this is the origin of the extraordinary beauty of the painted faces. His painting is at the same time still and elusive, impossible to define. It is a silent place which magically appears in the heart of the city, interrupting its noise. The dimension itself of these works, most of the time so meditative, leads to a silent alertness, to a serendipity. Once you have seen a face painted by Salvatore, you will hardly ever forget it. (Mario Martone)