No Lives Were Lost

10 — 19.01.2009

No Lives were Lost: installation and archive in progress of an artist’s life.
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Brigataes is the collective name used by a group born in 1992 and represented by a single artist today: Aldo Elefante.

His artistic activity includes videos, performances, installations and urban interventions. In the exhibition at the Madre he uses the video to present the No Lives were Lost project: installation and archive in progress of an artist’s life, in which, using irony and paradox, Elefante investigates the role played by art and artists in contemporary society.

The title of the work No Lives were Lost explains the idea of the project: perpetuating human lives virtually so that they are not completely lost. And this is made though the stories told by friends, relatives, gallery managers, artists, common people, anyone who shared a piece of life with Aldo Elefante. The common thread of all the stories is in fact the artist’s presence in their lives.

The Zerynthia association of Rome accepted to become the official archive of No Lives were Lost, where the DVDs showing the stories presented in the installation will be kept alongside others that will be added in the course of the artist’s life. The whole of the stories told becomes a sort of narration of the life of the artist, who said about it: “This work reveals an alleged individuality and multiplies it…. It is other people’s recognition that makes me exist.”