Credits: Gianmarco Biele

Mathelda BalatresiVeronica Bisesti Di fulmini, dame e altre storie

Curated by LET_Laboratorio di Esplorazioni Transdisciplinari

10.11.2022 — 23.01.2023

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Mathelda Balatresi/Veronica Bisesti. Di fulmini, dame e altre storie is the first appointment of the project Materia di Studios, with which LET_Laboratorio di Esplorazioni Transdisciplinari initiates an intergenerational confrontation and dialogue between pairs of artists, played out on the terrain of the archive understood as a living matter plastically connected to artistic research and practice.

Mathelda Balatresi (Carcare, Savona, 1937), Tuscan by origin and Neapolitan by adoption, and Veronica Bisesti (Naples, 1991), divided by two generations, have intertwined their experiences and respective poetics in a sincere and passionate dialogue. Bisesti’s gaze soon became the lens through which to observe Balatresi’s house/archive, opening up new and unexpected experiences that are now presented in the halls of Madre.

The common interest in the female figures of the past, actualized in an interweaving of exchanges, overlaps and immedimations, becomes here a key to the instances of today, in a path in which literary and mythological references are background and pretext for a reflection fully immersed in current events and declined according to individual research trajectories that fluidly intersect in reconstructing a scenario with two voices.