Brian Eno

Brian Eno

23.06 — 15.09.2008

Two large installations by Brian Eno redesign, through sound and images, the ground floor of the Madre museum

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With the project Constellations: 77 million paintings, Brian Eno transforms the multi-use room at Madre into an artificial forest. Five large PVC birch trees hanging the ceiling alternate in the room with large vermiculite cones. In the background a wooden freestanding partition houses 12 monitors that produce the 77 million images. Sounds are projected by six ghetto blasters, large portable radios positioned on the walls along the sides of the room.

The interior courtyard of the museum hosts Aurelia, a sound installation based on the sound produced by eight non-synchronized bells. The tolls of the bells, projected through eight ghetto blasters, overlap at regular intervals (between 20 and 30 seconds), creating a harmonic / dissonant interweave of various sounds released into the open space of the courtyard.