Armando De Stefano. Nulla dies sine linea

curated by Olga Scotto di Vettimo

13.05 — 18.07.2022

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The exhibition, organised on the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Armando De Stefano (Naples 1926-2021), presents a corpus of around 80 recent works, mainly composed of drawings and tempera on paper.

The selected works testify to a creativity that is always contemporary, a creativity which reinvents and rethinks drawing and figuration, and which confirms the vital, extreme and unconditional urgency for the artist to rely on the uninterrupted exercise of the hand, sign and colour. The works are populated by figures that narrate a present time, marked by the tensions of history, as well as by the incessant opposition between nature and culture, a tension that remains unresolved for De Stefano.