Francesco Bertelé | HSD Show case

At Madre, the performance event curated by Chiara Pirozzi and directed by Foam Fraction

On Thursday 6 October, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Madre will host HSD Show case, a performative event by the artist Francesco Bertelé curated by Chiara Pirozzi, with direction by Foam Fraction and production by A multimedia event developed on multiple levels: a first one, in presence, to be enjoyed at the museum library, where it will be possible to follow what will happen both through a projection and, in turn, through special VR Visors; a second one, from personal devices, through the special link; a third one, through social networks, following the live
broadcast on Madre’s channels.

Admission in presence will be free, but with prior reservation via the Eventbrite platform.

HSD Show case presents the research developed by the artist starting from the work Hic sunt dracones, part of the collection of museo Madre , and from the eponymous artist’s book published by Postmediabook, both produced thanks to the victory of the 4th ed. of the Italian Council.

“HSD Show case aims to enact a moment of dialogue – extemporaneous, non-academic and without moderators – between the artist and several researchers on the impact that digital technologies, in their totality and ubiquity, have on the social imagination. Defined as a new epistemic regime, the performance will stimulate confrontation ‘for a critical and ethical approach to technologies, in order to generate a metaverse scenario in a utopian and not dystopian direction and where the phantasmagoric can be a place for sharing individual dream biographies and common desires.”
(F. Bertelé)