Rä Di Martino, Afterall (A Space Mambo), 2018. Realizzato grazie al contributo dell’Italian Council, IV edizione, 2018. Collezione Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee - Museo Madre.

Rä Di Martino, Afterall (A Space Mambo) 2019
HD digital video, colore, 12’14’’
Realised thanks to the contribution of the Italian Council, 4th edition, 2018
Collection of Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee – Museo Madre

In a desert zone of a planet live small communities of hermits who have survived an environmental disaster. The objects, images and sounds of the past have become the only banner with which the fledgling tribes identify. Rä di Martino observes and portrays characters from the homeless of the future to bewildered gods, each one the bearer of a sound, a non-corporeal ephemera of a distant past: reassuring elements, part of a shared culture, juxtaposed with others that are more alienating and disturbing. The imaginary encounter between the various inhabitants of this indefinite future takes place only thanks to the sounds of the past, coming from different places but on whose radio frequencies all the characters seem to synchronise like an orchestra or a single choir.