Germano Celant – Melotti

Terracottas, majolicas and plaster-casts, sculptures involving a mixture of techniques or made of iron, ceramics, works in stainless steel, drawings and sketches, together with the part of Melotti’s output most closely linked to the world of visual arts form the rich content of this exhibition.
Although the exhibition focuses mainly on his sculptures and bas-reliefs and gives visitors the chance to make an in-depth analysis of the complex figure of Melotti’s. His work is distinctive because of the versatility of his language and his ability to exploit the different fields of painting, sculpture, ceramics, poetry, drawing and music. A universe of poetry and music in sculpture which becomes part of an on-going story, thanks to the intertwining and the osmosis of Melotti’s art and the vicissitudes of modern and international Italian culture.
The catalogue will include a long essay by the curator entitled “Viaggio nella Galassia Melotti” (Journey through the Melotti Galaxy) and a selection of other material which is fundamental to a correct understanding of the artist’s work (a detailed biography divided into chronological sections; a list of solo exhibitions; photographs and documents; related works; a treatise on poetry; a list of solo and collective exhibitions between 1930 and 2011; a selected bibliography of Fausto Melotti’s writing; and a selected bibliography of books about Fausto Melotti).