Ettore Spalletti. So white a day

Catalog of the exhibition "Ettore Spalletti. Un giorno così bianco, così bianco" at the Madre in Naples, the MAXXI in Rome and the GAM in Turin.
Over 70 artworks, three museums, a single title for three exhibitions that explore the variety and depth of the artistic practice of Ettore Spalletti.


A Stroll Through Color
Giovanna Melandri

The Geography of Form
Patrizia Asproni

A Republican Project
Pierpaolo Forte

Breaking Geometry Itself
Ettore Spalletti in Conversation with Carlos Basualdo

Notes for a Conversation with Ettore Spalletti
Danilo Eccher

Writings by Ettore Spalletti

Ettore Spalletti: The Space of Painting
Gloria Moure

And Yet It Moves … Inertia, Thrust, Distance
Gabriele Guercio

Time and Thickness. Tactility and Gaze
Alessandro Rabottini

Interstitiality and Duration. Datum and Nuance
Andrea Viliani

Ettore Spalletti, a Space that Runs to Infinity
Anna Mattirolo

Sky. Earth. I. (Landscapes)
Arianna Bona

Critical Anthology

Biography and Exhibitions

Selected Bibliography

List of Works Reproduced