Ferrara, Italia (1955), lives and works in Cologne, Germany

Lino Fiorito, Buchi Neri 2015
enamel spray on poster, ceramic
Collection of Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee – Museo Madre

Black Holes was created in reaction to the destruction of the Buddha statues at Bamiyan in Afghanistan by the Taliban in 2001, the bombing of the archaeological site of Palmyra and the attack on the Mosul museum in 2016. The artist bought a series of posters printed with geometric Islamic motifs in a bookshop in Cologne and applied black spray enamel at their centre, creating a sort of black hole on each sheet. According to theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, black holes do not produce an annihilation of matter and space, but a kind of continuous resurrection of the universe. The artist’s action on the posters, initially triggered by an impulsive gesture, is not intended to represent a purely destructive act, but the opening of a passage, and the possible existence of the cancelled image in another universe.