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Parco dell’Arte contemporanea nel Vallo di Diano

Opere, idee, progetti, persone dalla collezione del Madre

10.07.2019 — 15.02.2020

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The Assessorato allo Sviluppo e Promozione del Turismo of the Campania Region and the Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee/Madre museum present the exhibition project Parco dell’Arte contemporanea nel Vallo di Diano. Opere, idee, progetti, persone dalla collezione del Madre, realized on the occasion of the 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019 and Matera Capitale Europea della Cultura 2019.

A meeting place between different cultures and ecosystems, often referred to as a “cultural landscape”, the Cilento interior and the Vallo di Diano was the scene of the Conspiracy of the Barons (1485-86). A pivotal episode in the construction of national and supranational identity of modern Europe, from which this exhibition, together with La Congiura dei Baroni project, follows a historical route that connects, in a new cultural and tourist itinerary, the cities and communities of Naples, Vallo di Diano and Matera/Miglionico.

In particular, the exhibition Opere, idee, progetti, persone dalla collezione del Madre, curated by Andrea Viliani and Silvia Salvati, aims to promote new itineraries of contemporary art in the Campania region, developing into several historical and natural sites of the Vallo di Diano: the Castle of Principi Sanseverino (today Macchiaroli), the Cloister of the Convent of the Santissima Pietà in Teggiano and the Caves of Pertosa-Auletta (SA), along with the previous project presented in the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula (SA), from which the Parco dell’arte contemporanea originates: the exhibition series Le opere e i giorni (2002-2004), curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, and the performance VB82 by Vanessa Beecroft, realized in 2017 in the context of Il Cammino delle Certose.

The exhibition is a visual narration dedicated to that Europe and that Mediterranean that define, between past, present and future, between nature and culture, the very essence of the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni and aims to offer a symbolic portrait of the territory: the archaism of its settlements, the encounter between the ethnic groups that over the centuries have lived and shaped it, the perspectives entrusted to the radical nature of contemporary artistic and intellectual experimentation. At the Macchiaroli Castle in Teggiano, the exhibition itinerary takes on, at its beginning, the ethical dimension with which the artists rethink our times, proceeding through the pages of a story that outlines both the memorial repository of history and the impalpable contours of contemporaneity, until it emerges as a temporary synthesis between abstraction and figuration, implication and contemplation. The exhibition on the third floor includes works by Marisa Albanese, Monica Biancardi, Bianco-Valente, Paolo Bini, Gianni De Tora, Jimmie Durham, Mimmo Jodice, Pierpaolo Lista, Nino Longobardi, Mimmo Paladino, Gloria Pastore, Luciano Romano and Ivano Troisi. The exhibition path ends with a painting by Nicholas Tolosa on display into the Stefano Macchiaroli Room and an installation by Michele Iodice on the Giammaruca Tower.

At the same time, the second floor houses the solo exhibition of Pietro Costa, Alla luce di tutto (“In light of it all”), which includes two connected projects that the artist has developed over almost 20 years: donor project and light structures.

The Cloister of the Convent of the Santissima Pietà in Teggiano houses two marble benches by Domenico Bianchi and a ceramic work (Vaso, 2004) by Ugo Marano.

The Caves of Pertosa-Auletta host Penelope (2019), an installation by Eugenio Giliberti created at the Madre museum during the workshops of the #MadreTerra project, as part of the educational programme dedicated to social integration Io sono Felice!.

In addition, in the public space located between Via Sant’Agostino and Via Corpo di Cristo in Teggiano, starting from September 2019, the permanent project Il Terzo Paradiso di Michelangelo Pistoletto nel Parco dell’Arte contemporanea nel Vallo di Diano will be realized, with the coordination of TANA Terranova Arte Natura (Marco Papa and Tiziana De Tora, Rebirth Third Paradise Ambassadors) and ArtStudio’93, and in collaboration with BACAS-Borghi Antichi Cultura Arti e Scienze, Vallo di Diano-New York. The installation, whose symbol indicates the third phase of humanity that takes place in the balanced connection between artifice and nature, will be realized through a participatory action and will take the permanent form of a flowerbed with medicinal herbs and local stone, which will be completed on December 21, 2019, on the occasion of Rebirth-Day, the day of celebration of the Third Paradise that underlines the commitment of each member of the community to collaborate in a responsible transformation of society in the world.