Mathilde Rosier

le massacre du printemps

24.10.2020 —

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Le massacre du printemps, a video-installation by the French artist Mathilde Rosier, which is part of museo Madre collection, is a reinterpretation of Le sacre du printemps, a ballet with music by Igor Stravinsky, created by Vaslav Nijinsky for the Ballets Russes in 1913. The work questions the intrinsic relationship between human beings and the environment, connecting the act of worshiping the earth to that of its subsequent exploitation. The dancers draw aerial choreographies against the backdrop of three different places in the Campania region – the greenhouses of the Vesuvian area, the port of the city of Naples and the former industrial site of  Bagnoli – and from peasants they transform themselves into ears of wheat, to underline the inextricable link between the destiny of mankind and that of nature as a whole.