Francesco Clemente

Shipwreck with Spectator (1974 – 2004)

30.05 — 12.10.2009

The Italian culture, and the Neapolitan one, in Francesco Clemente’s art.
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This exhibition investigates up to which point the Italian culture, and particularly Neapolitan one, has continuously cultivated Francesco Clemente’s art, even if in an underhand way.

For more than thirty years, Clemente went on sailing from his native city (towards Rome, India and United States) to be able then to slowly perform paths which could always bring him back home. Infact, the history of Naples and Italy – country that the artist has constantly left – his the real motive his works subtend. To make manifest such a large map of geographical and metal trips, this exhibit is organized in eight sections which cover the artist’s research from 1974 to 2004.