Luanda, Angola (1980)

Délio Jasse, Untitled 2022
cianotipo su carta

In his photographic work, Délio Jasse often interweaves found images that document traces of past lives, such as photos of found passports or family albums, to create connections between photography, in particular the concept of the ‘latent image’, and memory. Jasse is known for experimenting with analogue photographic printing processes, such as platinum or early ‘Van Dyke Brown’ printing processes, as well as developing his own printing techniques. He uses these analogue processes to subvert the reproducibility of the photographic medium, creating subtle variations and interventions with painting, liquid light, gilding and collage.

For Bellezza e Terrore: luoghi di colonialismo e fascismo (Beauty and Terror: Places of Colonialism and Fascism), Délio conceived a workshop that intervenes in the historical narratives of Fascism and Italian colonialism through a reworking of archive images using historical and experimental printing techniques such as cyanotype. For this workshop, the artist and participants will make use of a selection of images related to the context of Italian colonialism from the Parisio Photographic Archive.