Richard Serra – Giuditta ed Oloferne

Richard Serra, Giuditta ed Oloferne, 2005. Courtesy Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee, Napoli. Foto © Amedeo Benestante.

Richard Serra is universally recognised by international critics as one of the most important and innovative artists in the history of modern art. His quest focuses on manufacturing processes and on the types of materials the work of art is made from as well as on a complex iteration with the surrounding space and with the spectator. Up to the Sixties the artist concentrated on industrially-produced materials and on their physical properties. Freed from any symbolism, from the mediation of the pedestal and introduced into everyday life, his works became part of the rapport and the psycho-physical reaction of the spectators who are encouraged to act them out from multiple points of view, to perceive the apparently precarious balance on which they seem to rest, to move around and sometimes inside them, to relate through them with the exhibition area, as with the work specifically created for the MADRE, with the urban architecture or with the landscape in a dialogue which involves and questions our perception of reality.