Corpus Remix

Corpus Remix is a selection of videos produced as part of the three editions of the performance festival Corpus. Arte in Azione, curated for the Madre of Naples by Adriana Rispoli and Eugenio Viola from 2009 to 2012.
Corpus. Arte in Azione presented site-specific performances produced by the Madre of Naples, each year choosing a different thematic focus and carrying out a well-structured investigation into the state of contemporary performative arts.
The first edition (2009) explored a series of performative experiences characterized by the tangencies between performance and music, as in the case of Jamie Shovlin with his imaginary group the Lustfaust and Tobias Bernstrup.
The second edition (2010) instead centred on the ‘feminine’ and on the political practice of a group of South American artists, such as Teresa Margolles, Regina José Galindo and Maria José Arjona.
The last edition (2011-2012) analysed the Italian performative scene, presenting works by Jacopo Miliani, Davide Balliano, Filippo Berta, Cristian Chironi, Luigi Presicce, Francesca Grilli and Rosy Rox.