Francesco Clemente – Ave Ovo

Francesco Clemente, Ave Ovo, 2005. Courtesy Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee, Napoli. Foto © Amedeo Benestante | Francesco Clemente, Ave Ovo, 2005. Photo © Amedeo Benestante.

From the end of the Seventies, Francesco Clemente has been a protagonist of the Transavanguardia movement (theorized by Achille Bonito Oliva), maturing an increasingly-more solry and innovative artistic profile which boosted his fame and international success. During his career Clemente has traversed, developed, abandoned and then returned to different themes, obsessions, techniques and formats at irregular intervals with the incoherent self-confidence of an interior monologue, with the unpredictable rhythm of the conscience of the individual at the apex and origin of his work. Following the October 2003 retrospective exhibition in the National Museum, which marked Clemente’s return to Naples where he was born and where he had never showed any of his works, in four months of daily work the artist produced a fresco of monumental proportions and a ceramic floor in two rooms of Madre building site, illustrating the places of his childhood and ancient symbols of Naples.