Vadim Stein at the Madre Museum

The eclectic Ukrainian artist protagonist of the upcoming performative event at the Madre Museum

At the Madre Museum Stein presents a world premiere, The Floating Grace, performance commissioned by the Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee and choreographed by Anna Gerus.

Choreography for an Exhibition‘s performative program continues with a world premiere commissioned by the Madre Museum to the Ukrainian photographer and visual artist Vadim Stein, that will be presented on December the 19th, at 7 pm (third floor).

The Floating Grace is a place for the soul, abstract and powerful at the same time, in which the spectator is invited on a journey into beauty, revealed by the echoes of two great inspiring artists of the 20th century, Robert Mapplethorpe and Martha Graham, in a continuous game between references and reflections, to which Stein adds his unmistakable style: the investigation on human body, punctuated by dynamic poses and empowered by using skintight fabric. With Graham, American modern dance starts building up its own history, influencing artists of different backgrounds and styles. She creates a new language, based on movement seen as the highest expression of human body. With Stein, the famous photographic sequence White Gauze (1984) by Mapplethorpe, on display at the Madre Museum, seems to be brought to life by the performers’ bodies wrapped up and redesigned by the fabric, just like in his shots.


Vadim Stein is a visual artist, director and photographer. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1967, he deepens his research on performances during a long-term experience into the most important international theaters, “where the body becomes the protagonist, transforming itself into words through the dance.”

Stein, stage name of Vadim Protsko, professionally trains himself by forging an original and almost obsessive attention for beauty, revealed by bodies often enhanced by the continuous oscillation between black and white. From 1985 to 1992 he worked as actor and light designer at the Theater of Plastic Drama, studying also decorative sculpture and graphics. From the Nineties, he focuses his research on photography, and the dancers’ bodies become his favorite subjects. His first famous photographic series, realized in 2011 starring Nina Zmievets, Prima ballerina of the Boris Eifman State Ballet Theatre, is followed by numerous successful productions in which étoiles from the greatest Russian theaters appear, and among them Alla Bocharova from the Yacobson Ballet. In 2017 Stein realizes his first video-art project, Hidden Echo, deepening his research on the relationship between form and subject, light and shade, in which the human figure is presented in dynamic poses and empowered by using skintight fabric.

At the Madre museum Stein presents The Floating Grace, a new performance commissioned by the Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee and choreographed by Anna Gerus, founder and art director of the Ukrainian Dance Theatre: a dialogue between the performative black and white Mapplethorpian world and one of the greatest dancers of the 20th century, Martha Graham.