Matilde De Feo | Ramondino’s Apologue

On Wednesday, November 3rd from 6pm to 8:30pm museo Madre presents the national premiere of the extended reality film Ramondino’s Apologue by visual artist Matilde De Feo, curated by Marina Guida.

“Ramondino’s Apologue” is an animated portrait in augmented reality dedicated to the writer Fabrizia Ramondino, who passed away in 2008, author of several novels, ‘irregular teacher’, creator of alternative pedagogical practices in Naples (ARN – Associazione Risveglio Napoli) and co-writer, with Mario Martone, of “Morte di un Matematico Napoletano”.

The work, which develops on several channels, currently takes the form of a film and an exhibition project. The film, conceived and directed by Matilde De Feo, is written with Marina Dammacco, drawn by Resli Tale, animated by Nicholas Bertini with original music by Ferruccio Spinetti, and features the exceptional voice over participation of Mario Martone. Through a special set design by Vito Maria Benito Vozza, the project is conceived to be visualized in its parts through an augmented reality app specially made by the CNR of Pisa, which is activated thanks to special markers, in an immersive environment, inside a book.


Matilde De Feo

Eduardo Milone, museo Madre

Resli Tale, illustrator

Ferruccio Spinetti, author of the music

Adolfo Fattori, professor of Media Phenomenology at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and of Sociology at the Federico II University.

To participate:

1) Download the Naples 3×3 app (alternatively, the more iOS-compatible Aria Platform app is also available).
2) Once in the theater, simply point your smartphone at the colored markers and wait for the film content to be activated.

“Ramondino’s Apologue” is co-produced by the Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee and is a winner of the Bando Cinema della Regione Campania made in collaboration with Film Commission Regione Campania.

On view at Madre until November 7.

Admission is permitted subject to availability.
Please note that to enter the museum it is necessary to show the Green pass.