Thursday, November 25, at 7:30 p.m., museo Madre presents Hipogheios, a musical, video and sound art performance in a new version specially conceived for the museum. On stage Roberto Pugliese (electronics & visuals) with Daniel Bacalov (percussion), Alberto Popolla (clarinet, bass and electric bass), and Costanza Savarese (vocal performer). The event will be free of charge, and the entrance is allowed while places last; please note that to enter the museum it will be necessary to show the Green pass.

The project, presented for the first time at ArsElettronica 21, was conceived by Roberto Pugliese with the idea of creating a continuous relationship of synergy between elements coming from different artistic fields. Pugliese’s live electronics settings, in counterpoint with Bacalov’s percussions, create fertile ground for Costanza Savarese’s extended vocals and Alberto Popolla’s improvisation. The sound of the voice and of the instruments is processed in real time by Pugliese who, in turn, has the possibility to modify the electronics in response to the activity of the performer and of the musicians themselves. The plurimediality of the performative concert is therefore managed in real time thanks to the continuous feedback between the various components, in the incessant creation of iridescent structures full of meanings that envelop the audience in a total, fluid and dense artwork.

Gianfranco Tedeschi (double bass) and Gilda Buttà (piano) participated in the writing of the electronic track. The styling of Costanza Savarese is curated, for this event, by Viviana Crosato.