Suspended ticket

The Madre museum will apply the Neapolitan tradition of the ”suspended coffee” to contemporary art. This local tradition consists in paying for an extra coffee for a stranger to enjoy at a bar.

Now the all-Neapolitan practice – which has been recognized worldwide and implemented in several countries (including France, Argentina, Greece, Ireland and Belgium) and other sectors (like restaurants with the ”suspended pizza” and bookstores with the ”suspended book”) – will be implemented at the regional contemporary art museum as of the 2016 Easter holidays.

Starting from March 24 through December 31, 2016, visitors will be able to leave a paid ticket for someone else when they buy their own or at the end of their visit.
It is a gesture of generosity and at the same time an invitation so that each one can work directly to get others close to contemporary culture, transforming an intimate experience into an important, significant and involving need of sharing and inclusion. Like a ”suspended coffee”, the ”suspended ticket” vies to be something more than a free ticket: it provides and enhances a sense of belonging, it stresses the importance of art in the lives of each one of us and encourages, finally simple and daily gestures of reciprocal kindness.

The Foundation Donnaregina for contemporary arts will be the first to contribute to the initiative: from Holy Thursday (March 24) to Easter Sunday (March 27) it will leave to those who want to use them or request directly at the tickets’ office, 10 ”suspended tickets” a day. During the same period, it will also pay half of a ”suspended ticket” which will thus cost visitors who will want to adhere only 3.50 euros (compared to the full price of 7.00 euros).