Art, theater and music workshop

With the scientific consulting of Igina Di Napoli. In collaboration with the non-profit Associazione Centro "La Tenda" and the Centro Territoriale Mammut.

From June 2013, Monday through Friday afternoon, Museo MADRE’s Re_PUBLICA will host after-school activities characterized by educational-creative workshops for pre-teens and teens already involved in a broader project organized by several volunteers associations that have been active in the greater Naples area for years.

The leitmotif of the Project — which consists of a varyingly structured group project — will involve the adaptation of a text from classical theater, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, in a contemporary key. The adaptation of the currently existing Italian translation of the text will become an opportunity for a learning experience aimed at children and teenagers, based on the creativity and heterogeneousness of the different artistic languages. It will be an innovative educational experience in terms of both content and method. This Theater and Contemporary Art experience, in the guise of tools for creativity and the dissemination of culture, is presented as an element that should lead to the integration and growth of all, as well as being a dynamic factor of social and cultural change.