Summer Campus “MADRE dell’ARTE”

Creative-learning laboratory for children aged from 6 to 10.

After “MADRE dei SENSI,” “MADRE degli ELEMENTI” and “MADRE delle STAGIONI,” the Museo Madre will once again hold its summer campuses. For the sixth consecutive year children can attend the campuses while they are on summer vacation. The 5-day program analyzes four of the most significant contemporary artistic movements: POP ART, CONCEPTUAL ART, ARTE POVERA, TRANSAVANGUARDIA. These movements are key to both a discovery of the works in the museum and the workshop activities.

The Campus ends on Friday afternoons with an exhibition of the works made during the week. The young people themselves are the curators, designers and illustrators, for their parents, siblings, relatives and friends. The young artists will also be awarded a diploma as “Experts in Contemporary Art.”