A place to meet and talk, but also to gather and disseminate information, the Library and Multimedia Archive of the Madre is a documentation center specialised in 20th and 21st century art.

It is the aim of the Library and Multimedia Archive to give shape to a documentation center that specializes in 20th and 21st century art, with special focus on the avant-gardes. The volumes in its holdings as well as the ones that are currently being purchased represent a significant record of artistic life in the period that ranges from the 20th century to the new millennium.

The Multimedia Archive annexed to the Library plays a fundamental role: catalogues, correspondence, writings, drawings, photographs and films make up the Madre museum’s historical holdings. Whenever an exhibition held at the museum ends, the Library and Archive are enriched by information related to it, thus preserving the information so that it can be put to further use.

As a key link between a project of international study and the local territory, the Library will expand its documentation concerning the artists directly involved in the exhibitions by means of a series of documents that can clarify contemporary artistic-cultural processes.

The Library-Multimedia Archive has a direct relationship with the Multimedia Web Services at the Madre through the interchange of news, images, films and documents also present on the Museum website.

The Library of the  Madre is part of the Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (“National Library Service”), as well as being part of a project that involves cooperation between prestigious library institutions both at a local and national level.

The Library is also a place where people can meet and exchange ideas; visitors have the chance to leaf through and read the many art and architecture journals available.



Particular importance is given to Teaching and Training: in addition to educational programs and activities, it is firmly believed that education through communication is the essential point underlying the whole world of pedagogy.

Teachers and educators from elementary, middle and secondary school as well as special schools can register for side events, such as themed film festivals, concerts, conferences, meetings with the artists and critics, debates, study conventions. Teaching instruments (brochures and audio-guides) are also available for an independent approach to the permanent collection at the Madre. Access to a dedicated database of iconographic material is available in the rooms of the Archive and Library.


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