The Museum, from an exhibition space, becomes a place where people can gather information and learn, a special place where art and creativity are encountered

The teaching section offers a series of activities addressed to schools, families and adults aimed at experiencing the museum as a place of learning and research. Such activities will invite participants to explore spaces, works and exhibitions.  The main goal is to familiarize users with the languages of contemporary art by means of an innovative, stimulating, playful and sensorial approach that will lead to a creative and performative experience. The activities available include educational and thematic visits, summer workshops and campuses, for which Re_Pubblica Madre will serve as the headquarters.

03 — 28.06.13

Art, theater and music workshop

From June 2013, Monday through Friday afternoon, Museo MADRE's Re_PUBLICA will host after-school activities characterized by educational-creative workshops for pre-teens and teens already…
Categoria / Special projects

24.06 — 12.07.13

Summer Campus “MADRE dell’ARTE”

After "MADRE dei SENSI," "MADRE degli ELEMENTI" and "MADRE delle STAGIONI," the Museo Madre will once again hold its summer campuses. For the sixth consecutive year children can attend the…
Categoria / Family

21.06.13 — 21.06.14

Who Stole the Prussian Blue?

After having had some fun hunting for colors in the Museum rooms, the children will experiment with the application of primary and secondary colors, warm colors and cold colors,…
Categoria / School

21.06.13 — 21.06.14


Just like budding architects, middle school students will plan, build, paint and decorate buildings of different sizes and colorful houses, all made of recycled cardboard, breathing life…
Categoria / School

21.06.13 — 21.06.14

What’s your de..sign?

Sperimentando varie tecniche artistiche, con il supporto di operatori specializzati, gli studenti si divertiranno a realizzare il proprio autoritratto seguendo l’esempio dei grandi…
Categoria / School

21.06.13 — 21.06.14

Sofonisba and Her Sisters

The program, supported by the screening of a movie and images, tells the story of one of the leading figures in modern art, from the arrival of Sofonisba Anguissola to the great…
Categoria / School
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