»Atlante dell’Arte Contemporanea a Napoli e in Campania 1966 — 2016»

curated by Vincenzo Trione

The volume Atlante dell’Arte Contemporanea a Napoli e in Campania 1966 — 2016 is the result of the research activity, catalogation and scientific analysis that has been developed by the Research Department of Madre museum, coordinated by Vincenzo Trione and formed by Olga Scotto di Vettimo and Alessandra Troncone, with the collaboration of Loredana Troise. The project aims to establish one first, up-to-date classifications of the contemporary art stories, practices and attestations in Naples and Campania from 1966 to 2016: by documenting, in the broadest perspective possible, the different components of the contemporary art system, the volume narrates fifthy years of research and experimentations, between artists and works, institutions and galleries, exhibitions, events and initiatives grown up within one of the most original hotbed of the neo-avantgardes and the post-avantgardes from the half of the 20th to the start of the 21st Century.

The book – produced by Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee with Scabec – is published by Electa also in eBook version, that will be periodically integrated and updated by the Research Department.

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